Logo Exploration
I created several versions of the Rainmaker Imports logo. I was told that I had full control, the only thing not wanted was a logo with a symbol idea.
So this was challanging, because I wanted to use some kind of raindrop in the logo or some kind of box. Here are the initial concepts I created.
Logo Exploration
Final Logo
portfolio image
Sell Sheet Flyer
I was in charge of coming up with sell sheets that were clean and that could catch your eye.
This flyer also had to be easily interchangeable. Had to be able to take my 3D concepts and place them with different price points.
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Business Cards
I had to come up with a clean and simple design to match our logo.
I used elements from the logo and colors to make this card work cohesively.
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3D Animation | Motion Graphics
For this project I had to take photos of the portable bar and 3D model the bar.
After modeling and texturing I then had to animate this product. The client wanted to see
measurements and how the product works. The challenge here was budget, and with render times that can add up time very fast.
Website Design
After everything was done for the identity of the company, I then had to create the website.
This website has to feature all products, everything from glowcubes up to portable bars. was asked to also make this website mobile friendly.
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Branding | Print | Web

Rainmaker Imports is a branch under Griffard & Associates LLC.
has been designing innovative consumer lifestyle products since 1988. It all began with the Griffo Grill. This award winning, patented BBQ grill rack was designed for cooking seafood and vegetables on the grill. Various versions of this product are offered today by nearly every housewares retailer in the U.S. The company expanded into one of the largest grill accessory companies in the industry and its more than 50 products and patents were purchased by Sunbeam Oster in 1991. Since that time, the company founders, John & Rose Griffard, have continued to launch a wide variety of successful products. They have been awarded several US patents for folding storage products, coolers, BBQ Grills, Tool storage, and a folding portable bar. The company currently offers a wide range of lifestyle products for both retail and branded promotions.

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